‘Facilitation creates a dynamic, personalised process that empowers and challenges individuals and groups to engage in significant learning and leads to meaningful change…’ (National College for Teaching and Leadership facilitation competency framework).

Our facilitators are capable of supporting a variety of events. For example:

  • Away Days
  • Regular or Review Meetings
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Review
  • Learning Days
  • Retreats
  • Annual Conferences
  • Issue Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Team Building
  • Team Behaviour and Communication
  • Group Culture
  • Psychometric Profiling
  • Governance Meetings

A facilitator will work with a client who is someone in an organisation, or diverse group, who has invited the facilitator to assist. They will try to understand the purpose and desired outcome of the meeting by discussing this with the contracting client.

What To Do Next

We have very simple terms and conditions and are happy to quote you for corporate or not-for-profit group work facilitation services. All we need is some background to the particular situation, which we can do during a phone conversation, after which we will contact you with an idea of the time frame and cost involved.

You can complete the initial enquiry form below and submit it to us, after which we will contact you by email or phone to discuss the services required. You can also call us directly at the numbers listed in the contact section on this website.