Taking control of our career is one of the most important objectives to which we all should strive to pay more attention. Yet very often we allow it to freewheel, never questioning if what we are doing actually rewards us with career satisfaction or an effective work-life balance.

When people are in employment they normally only think about their career in times of crisis or change; it can be frustrating when you realise that your current career – something to which you may have given a considerable number of years – isn’t in fact what you had hoped it would be.

The challenge in any of the above scenarios, is to take ownership of our career and put in place a planned and focussed action plan to achieve our fullest potential and a rewarding career.  Scott has personal experience of shaping and reshaping his own career over the years so can readily identify with what it is like to search for the right career at different stages through one’s life. He is more than pleased to take the time with clients to examine all aspects of a person’s life that have a bearing on how a person’s character, abilities, education, experience, personal life and work can fit together to shape a satisfying career and greater work/life balance.