Modus (from the Latin “Modus” meaning “way” in the sense of “way to do things, a method”)

Modus Mediation & Facilitation is a modern conflict resolution and facilitation practice with old fashioned, client-centred values serving the greater Dublin area, South East, West and North West of Ireland. The practice was established in 2018 by Scott Golden who has over thirty years’ experience in the business world. You can read about Scott’s background, training and experience here.

We provide a one-stop shop to meet the needs of commercial, statutory, agricultural, voluntary, not for profit and community entities who are searching for support and assistance resolving difficulties; developing teams; planning and implementing change; setting short, medium or long-term goals and devising work plans.

We are also experienced in assisting people with professional development and career change, having over twenty years’ experience in this field.

Mediation and Facilitation have at least one thing in common – a belief that both practises follow a methodical process or ‘way of doing’. In Mediation the parties involved in the issue at question, control the content of the discussions while the Mediator guides the process – the manner in which discussions take place to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be heard and that all the points are covered in a respectful and safe environment.

Facilitation works in a very similar manner to Mediation only that it is used more commonly in workshop, group or conference settings. It allows the participants the opportunity to concentrate on the issues being explored and worked upon without having to watch the clock, worry about the agenda or try to ensure that all the members in the group have had an opportunity to share their contributions. A neutral Facilitator also ensures that the themes emerging in the course of an event – often unobserved by the participants – are captured for feedback. It is a non-directive role rather than an instructional position so the Facilitator may use questions to assist the participants to consider all aspects of the matters under debate; encouraging them to look at the issues from different perspectives ensures that the eventual outcome is as fully informed as possible at that place and time.

Career Development helps us to look at what are our choices when it comes to what we can do for a living. It doesn’t matter whether you are coming to the end of secondary school and wondering what are your options for your future career, have finished university and want to review your alternatives, or are currently in a job but for one reason or another wish to change career, we can help you to look at what, for you, may be the best way forward to find an interesting and satisfying future.

When people are employed they normally only think about their career in times of crisis or change; however, the key is to take ownership of our career and put in place a planned and focussed action plan to achieve our fullest potential and a rewarding career. Scott is more than pleased to take the time with clients to examine all aspects of a person’s life that have a bearing on how a person’s character, personal life and work can fit together to shape a satisfying career and greater work/life balance.